Open Source Community

The Baseline Protocol community is governed as an open source project

The number of active companies and individuals contributing to the work and using it in products and enterprise solutions is rapidly growing.

Our open source team members are the drivers of the development and adoption of the Baseline Protocol. The work is active and always open to new contributors.


  • Get Involved- sign up and get involved in our open source teams

  • Community Member Starter Kit- understand how you can contribute as a community member and how the open source community operates

  • Slack- join our community Slack and say hello


The Baseline Protocol community has 3 main teams with several workgroups within each. We encourage everyone interested in accelerating or learning more about the Baseline Protocol to join our open source teams!

Each time is self organized and managed, full details on the team management can be found in the corresponding repositories and Google drives.

Baseline Core Devs

Core Devs are the backbone of the Baseline open source community and have an active role in advancing the Baseline Protocol and/or related projects. Join the next generation of developers leading the rise of ubiquitous sync services to state machines everywhere.

Outreach Team

Outreach members communicate, advocate, and educate the world on the advantages of using and contributing to the protocol. Several working groups create enablement materials, devise industry-specific use cases, and document the significant work being done in the community.

Standards Team

Members of the standards team work to define and contribute to the specifications of baseline compliance. The Standard is currently in the ratification process to become an official Oasis Standard.

Meetings and Meetups

There are regular meetings of the TSC, General Assembly, Core Developers and other groups. These are typically listed here. If the times we have don't work for your timezone, we can do 1-1's or make changes to the schedule.

Team Meetings

The Baseline Core Devs, Outreach Team, and Standards team typically meet bi-weekly to provide updates on action items, outline future initiatives, and more.

Technical Steering Committee

The TSC meets 1-2 times a month to discuss open items, manage grant work, address progress on the roadmap, and more. The meetings are private to TSC members, and anyone can request to join a future meeting to discuss a matter by contacting one of the TSC Co-Chairs.

Baseline Show

The Baseline Show takes place every week on Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST / 17:00 PM CET. The Outreach team typically plans agendas with guest speakers, themed topics, or open office hours. The link to join the live studio is shared in the Slack each month, and the video is streamed to the Baseline Youtube channel.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is a monthly meeting that replaces the first Baseline Show of the month, and covers updates across the various community teams, organizations, and leaders. The link to join the live studio is shared in the Slack each month, and the video is streamed to the Baseline Youtube channel.

Communications: Connecting with Community Members

Slack Channel

The Baseline Protocol initiative maintains a Slack channel as the primary mode of communication, that is public and moderated. The Slack has various channels for community members to discuss and collaborate, with specified channels for introductions, business inquiries, grads and research, zero knowledge chat, and more.

Community Email

A baseline google account is used for managing events, documents, and other needs directly through a community account, managed by community leaders.

Email anytime with an introduction or questions.

Members Directory

You can sign up to the Baseline Protocol members list and get access to the Directory **** managed by Oasis. This will show you any members who have elected to be displayed publicly. There are others who will choose to be hidden but will receive group emails.

Group Email

While most communication seems to go through the communication channels and community email **** mentioned above, a group email is also used. When you sign up in the members directory, you will have the option to get emails that are sent to the mailing list or directly from anyone in the group. You can control how that impacts your inbox here.


The Baseline Protocol initiative uses our Baseline Protocol Blog on the website for frequent community updates. Message our Outreach team in Slack (#07-outreach-team channel) or email to request a blog posting on a specific topic or update.

LinkedIn / Twitter

The Baseline Protocol has an active presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, where community members post updates, evangelize the protocol, and grow interest in the community.


The Baseline Protocol community maintains a YouTube Channel, where the weekly Baseline Shows and monthly General Assemblies are streamed. The channel also has technical resources, walkthroughs, demos, and baseline appearances.

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