Welcome to the Baseline Protocol Community

The Baseline Protocol initiative was announced on March 4, 2020 and launched as an OASIS open source project on March 19, 2020, supported by fourteen founding companies. More companies joined the effort shortly thereafter and continue to do so. Here's a list of contributors.

The work of the community is maintained under a public domain license.

The Baseline Protocol is a set of techniques that must be implemented in a standard way across different systems. This open standard is under development now, following the release of the Baseline Protocol v0.1 reference implementation, which can be found here.

There are lots of opportunities to get informed, get involved, and get value out of defining requirements, developing reusable components, and ultimately deploying the Baseline Protocol in your own offerings.

New Contributors: Go here for details on how to get involved.

The Baseline Protocol

The Baseline Protocol is an approach to using the public Mainnet as a common frame of reference between different systems, including traditional corporate systems of record, any kind of database or state machine, and even different blockchains or DLTs. It is particularly promising as a way to reduce capital expense and other overheads while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies.

The approach is designed to appeal to security and performance-minded technology officers.

You can find all the details on the current version of the Baseline Protocol here.

The Baseline Protocol Demos

A growing number of Reference Implementations and demos to help you understand baselining and give you ideas for your own projects can be found here. The original demo, called Radish34, was created by founding members, EY, ConsenSys and Microsoft. Today, there are demos, prototypes, and production systems being developed in more places than can be tracked, but some have been submitted as public domain contributions to the community.