Technical Members

The Baseline Core Developers and Maintainers are the drivers of the further development and implementation of the protocol

Baseline Core Developers

Anyone is welcome to join the Baseline Core Developers to develop technical advancements or even just engage in technical discussions that take place.

How to become a Baseline Core Developer?

Sign up to join the Baseline Core Developers here **** to receive the calendar invites and access to the Google Drive resources.

What do Baseline Core Developers do?

Core developers are people who take an active role in advancing the Baseline Protocol and/or related projects. They are primarily responsible for:

  • Submitting or working on Baseline Improvement Proposals (BLIPs) ****

  • Contributing code or contributing to specification work in the form of PRs that are linked to open and prioritized issues

  • Developing items on the Baseline Protocol Roadmap to achieve high priority items

  • Setting up and supporting infrastructure (running demos, CI systems, community projects, etc.) that further the Baseline Protocol

  • Presenting the project and key technologies to the public (in-person, webinar, videos, articles, etc.)

  • Identify technical resources needed for further implementation of the protocol (developer onboarding materials, tutorials, etc.)

  • Working on and leading community efforts that drive adoption of the protocol

Baseline Maintainers

Baseline Protocol Maintainers are Baseline Core Developers with advanced Github repository permissions, requiring compliance with governance for such permissions.

How to become a Baseline Maintainer?

A Baseline Core Developer can become a Baseline Maintainer by doing the following,

  • Being an active Baseline Core Developer by actively attending the bi-weekly meetings

  • Making a contribution to the Baseline Protocol through BLIP work, progressing the roadmap, or other efforts

  • Then completing the Pull_Request_Template in its entirety to add users Github ID to the Code Owners file

  • The current Maintainers (listed Code Owners) will be assigned to review the Pull Request, and the PR will be merged once two Maintainers approve the request

  • If the Baseline Maintainer request is denied or poses concerns, the proposer or other Baseline Core Devs can escalate to the TSC

What is expected of Baseline Maintainers?

To retain Maintainer permissions and status, Baseline Maintainers are required to comply with the following,

  • Attendance Policy: Maintainers must notify the 'maintainer' Slack group or a community leader if unable to attend. If a Maintainer misses three consecutive meetings without prior notice, a community member will submit a PR to remove the member's GitHub ID from the Code Owners File

  • If a Maintainer is removed due to the attendance policy, they must attend 2 Core Dev sessions, notify the group of intent to re-commit, then submit the PR to be added back to the Code Owners File.

  • Show commitment over time by timely review of Pull Requests

  • Follow branch, PR, code, project style, and testing guidelines

  • Be reliable in completing issues to which they have been assigned

  • Demonstrate competency in software development or specification writing

  • Have a high degree of understanding of the project architecture

  • Be welcoming to others in the community who are using or interested in the protocol

  • Contribute in ways that substantially improve the quality of the project and the experience of people who use it

How to stop being a Baseline Core Developer or Maintainer?

To step away from being a Baseline Core Developer, you can notify the other core developers you would like to relinquish your core developer status.

What can take away your Core Dev status?

  • You stop reviewing PR's, responding to messages, answering emails, and/or generally ghost the project.

  • You are disrespectful towards anyone in the community and/or involved in the project.

  • You are disruptive to the general process of maintaining the project, meetings, discussions, issues, or other.

Two-thirds of all current Maintainers constitute a quorum for a meeting involving a question of removal. A simple majority vote from Maintainers is required to remove a Baseline Core Dev, but the TSC may be brought in to arbitrate if the Baseline Core Developer to be removed or any other Baseline Core Developer wishes to dispute the action. See Governance **** for details.

How do Baseline Core Developers organize?

Slack Channels

The Baseline Core Developers talk in the '05-bl-core-devs' channel in Slack **** to discuss updates, questions, concerns, or ideas between meetings.

The Baseline Maintainers use a private 'maintainers' channel in Slack that members with Maintainer status are added to.

Baseline Core Developer Meetings

There are bi-weekly Baseline Core Developer meetings where members can new or open Baseline Improvement Proposals (BLIPs), open repo issues and pull requests, roadmap items grant projects, and more.

Members with Maintainer status are required to join Baseline Core Developer meetings, as outlined in the terms above.

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