Community Members

Over 400 people and companies signed up to be notified about the opening of the Baseline Protocol Github repository between March 4th and 19th, 2020. Over 300 of them also signed in as group members. The members represent many of the largest companies in the world, spanning several sectors. They also represent startups, students and talented individuals.

Bootstrapping Phase and Ongoing Phase

The technical steering committee and the chair listed below will be seated provisionally for six months, from From March 19, 2020 to September 31, 2020. This bootstrapping period will end when the active contributors to the repo (anyone who has submitted a pull request that was merged to master in the preceeding period) vote on the new TSC and chair. The specifications steering committee (SSC) has a variable number, and membership is based on

The people and companies listed below have stepped up to identify themselves as supporters, stakeholders, responsible parties, and accountable parties to help bootstrap the Baseline Protocol work.

Your Project Governance Board

The project governance board (PGB) is organized by OASIS and is accountable for ensuring the balance and integrity of the Ethereum-Oasis initiatives, such as the Baseline Protocol.



Chaals Neville

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Dan Burnett


Tas Dienes

Ethereum Foundation

Your Technical Steering Committee

The technical steering committee (TSC) is accountable to the Project Governance Board for bootstrapping the maintainer group, stepping in to resolve any conflicts on merges or maintainer self-organization



Brian Chamberlain


Conor Svensson


Eric Bravick

Core Convergence

Hudson Jameson

Ethereum Foundation

Johann Eid


Kartheek Solipuram

Ernst & Young

Kyle Thomas


Nate McKervey


Stefan Schmidt


Zachary Williamson


Your Specifications Steering Committee

The specifications committee (SSC) is responsible for organizing the community and helping set functional and non-functional requirements as well as targeting use cases, industry verticals, and horizontal platforms & products. These are senior industry executives and influencers who can rally support for the work and help find ways to structure incentives for people to focus on key Epics and Stories in the repo. (Note, epics and stories maintained in Zenhub.

SSC members are seated by consensus of the sitting members. There is no specific maximum number of seats, and it is expected that the members will form sub-committees for topics like industry verticals.



Arwin Holmes

Ernst & Young

Bill Gleim

ConsenSys Health

Daniel Norkin

Envision Blockchain

Joerg Roskowetz


Jon Stevens


Joseph Bala


Karen Scarborough


Stephan Baur

Kaiser Permanente

Steve Shortt


Yorke Rhodes


Your Provisional Chair

The chair of the Baseline Protocol initiative steering committees is an elected position, accountable to both the PGB and the community to provide organizing services and to ensure the harmonization of the intentions of the stakeholders and contributors to the work.

The position is annual and chosen by popular vote of contributors who have had work merged to the master branch of the repo in the previous period.



John Wolpert


Founding Group on March 4, 2020

New Stakeholders: March 19, 2020

Aztec, ConsenSys Health, Anyblock Analytics GmbH, Ocyan Cloud Technology LTD, Digital Scarcity, Energy Web Foundation, The Graph, ShipChain, Clear

Stay tuned...more coming in all the time.

Contributors and Maintainers

Stay tuned as the community bootstraps.


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