How to 'Baseline' Your Product

One of the important jobs of the Baseline Protocol community will be to develop the components, patterns and tools for enabling different kinds of applications, platforms and other offerings for baselining. This work is just beginning. This section will grow as the work progresses

The Business Opportunity for Baselining

The Baseline Protocol isn't a product or a platform. It's a way for your product, your platform, your service to gain the ability to not only record what you think you know but to also verify that what you know is what your counterparties also know on a record-by-record basis.

The protocol presents significant commercial opportunities for solutions firms, enterprise systems vendors, and cloud providers. A number of cloud providers, for example, have services to help companies access the Mainnet. Now they need reasons for their enterprise customers to do so. Baselining presents a compelling reason.

It’s hoped that the providers of ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems will optimize their products for the protocol over time, but baselining works without requiring modification to legacy systems.