Baseline Protocol
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The Baseline Protocol Standard

The Baseline Protocol Standard will be a set of three specifications - CORE, API and CCSM that together, provide the requirements of a compliant Baseline Protocol Implementation (BPI).
The v1.0 specifications are in draft status by Oasis for ratification as an official Oasis Standard, the draft standard is available on Github here.

CORE Specification

The CORE specification describes the minimal set of business and technical prerequisites, with a reference architecture, that when implemented ensures that two or more systems of record can synchronize their system state over a permissionless, public Distributed Ledger Technology (Consensus Controlled State Machine) network. An overview of the CORE specification is available here.

API Specification

The API specification describes the Baseline programming interface and expected behaviors of all instances of this interface together, with the required programming interface data model. An overview of the API specification is available here.

CCSM Specification

The CCSM specification describes the requirements that a CCSM must satisfy for it to be used in a BPI as Distributed Ledger Technology or Consensus Controlled State Machine (CCSM) is the foundational enabler of a Baseline Protocol Instance with no or limited trust assumptions. An overview of the CCSM specification is available here.