Baseline core messaging package.

NATS is currently the default point-to-point messaging provider and the recommended way for organizations to exchange secure protocol messages. NATS was chosen due to its high-performance capabilities, community/enterprise footprint, interoperability with other systems and protocols (i.e. Kafka and MQTT) and its decentralized architecture.‌


npm install @baseline-protocol/vault(npm package soon to be published)


You can build the package locally with npm run build.‌



connect(): Promise<any>;
disconnect(): Promise<void>;
getSubscribedSubjects(): string[];
isConnected(): boolean;
publish(subject: string, payload: any, reply?: string, recipientId?: string, senderId?: string): Promise<void>;
request(subject: string, timeout: number, data?: any): Promise<any | void>;
subscribe(subject: string, callback?: (msg: any, err?: any) => void, myId?: string): Promise<any>;
unsubscribe(subject: string);
flush(): Promise<void>;

Supported Providers & Protocols

The following messaging providers are available:‌

  • NATS

  • Whisper

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