The Baseline core CCSM package provides interfaces for general interaction with an underlying mainnet or layer-2 distributed solution.


npm install @baseline-protocol/ccsm(npm package soon to be published)


You can build the package locally with make. The build compiles the Baseline solidity contracts package and its dependencies using truffle.


The contracts package includes a generic "shield" contract which enforces on-chain verification of commitments before they are added to the on-chain merkle-tree. The logic encoded into the on-chain "verifier" contract can be custom code or a workgroup can choose to use a generic verifier (i.e. verifier may only require that a commitment is signed by each workgroup member). For convenience, a "VerifierNoop" contract is provided in the contracts package for testing a baseline workflow. The "no-op" verifier will return true for any set of arguments with the proper types.

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