The core baseline package provides unified access to internal integration middleware interfaces for systems of record.


npm install @baseline-protocol/baseline(npm package soon to be published)


You can build the package locally with npm run build.


Run the local test suite with npm test.

Baseline JSON-RPC Module

An initial set of JSON-RPC methods have been defined for inclusion in the specification. These methods allow easy interaction with on-chain shield contracts (which contain merkle-tree fragments) and maintain full merkle-trees (along with metadata) in local off-chain storage.





address, commitIndex

Retrieve a single commit from a tree at the given shield contract address


address, startIndex, count

Retrieve multiple commits from a tree at the given shield contract address



Retrieve the root of a tree at the given shield contract address


address, commitIndex

Retrieve the membership proof for the given commit index


Retrieve a list of the shield contract addresses being tracked and persisted


sender, address, proof, publicInputs, commit

Inserts a single commit in a tree for a given shield contract address



Initialize a merkle tree database for the given shield contract address



Remove event listeners for a given shield contract address


address, value, siblings

Verify a proof for a given root and commit value

Ethereum clients that support baseline JSON-RPC



getCommit(address: string, index: number): Promise<MerkleTreeNode>;
getCommits(address: string, startIndex: number, count: number): Promise<MerkleTreeNode[]>;
getRoot(address: string): Promise<string>;
getProof(address: string, commitIndex: number): Promise<MerkleTreeNode[]>;
getTracked(): Promise<string[]>;
verifyAndPush(sender: string, address: string, proof: number[], publicInputs: string[], commit: string): Promise<string>;
track(address: string): Promise<boolean>;
untrack(address: string): Promise<boolean>;
verify(address: string, root: string, commit: string, siblingPath: MerkleTreeNode[]): Promise<boolean>;;


// workgroups
createWorkgroup(params: object): Promise<any>;
updateWorkgroup(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchWorkgroups(params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchWorkgroupDetails(workgroupId: string): Promise<any>;
fetchWorkgroupOrganizations(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
createWorkgroupOrganization(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
updateWorkgroupOrganization(workgroupId: string, organizationId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchWorkgroupInvitations(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchWorkgroupUsers(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
createWorkgroupUser(workgroupId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
updateWorkgroupUser(workgroupId: string, userId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
deleteWorkgroupUser(workgroupId: string, userId: string): Promise<any>;

// organizations
createOrganization(params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchOrganizations(params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchOrganizationDetails(organizationId: string): Promise<any>;
updateOrganization(organizationId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;

// organization users
fetchOrganizationInvitations(organizationId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchOrganizationUsers(organizationId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
inviteOrganizationUser(organizationId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;


createVault(params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchVaults(params: object): Promise<any>;
fetchVaultKeys(vaultId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
createVaultKey(vaultId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
deleteVaultKey(vaultId: string, keyId: string): Promise<any>;
encrypt(vaultId: string, keyId: string, payload: string): Promise<any>;
decrypt(vaultId: string, keyId: string, payload: string): Promise<any>;
signMessage(vaultId: string, keyId: string, msg: string): Promise<any>;
verifySignature(vaultId: string, keyId: string, msg: string, sig: string): Promise<any>;
fetchVaultSecrets(vaultId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
createVaultSecret(vaultId: string, params: object): Promise<any>;
deleteVaultSecret(vaultId: string, secretId: string): Promise<any>;

Supported Providers & Protocols

The following providers of the Baseline API are available:

  • Ethers.js - example provider; not yet implemented but included here for illustrative purposes

  • Provide - BRI-1 reference implementation (see examples/bri-1/base-example)

  • RPC - generic JSON-RPC provider

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