From POC to Protocol


Even if Radish34 were the only application we wanted to build, the code still requires abstraction. For example, the components that provide the MSA step in the Radish34 Workflow is named MSA and tailored specifically to that Workflow Step. Even without a generalized protocol, this reusable package should be defined one abstraction up as "Step" and then instantiated for each instance: RFP, Bid, MSA, PO, Shipment, Invoice, etc.


It's one thing to take a POC like Radish34 and add good abstractions and other modern design patterns to make it a system worthy of production use. But that's not what the Baseline Protocol community is all about. The real objective is to both abstract and generalize the work to build the @baseline-protocol packages located in the core/ folder in the repo with reusable components and tools that can be used to quickly turn any system for a range of purposes into a baselined system.